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Did you know that a well-maintained lawn and landscape can add as much as 15 to 20 percent in property value?

That’s according toThe Lawn Institute. Curb appeal is one of many reasons for you to keep your grass healthy all year long. However, it can be a challenge here in South Carolina. Rock Hill tends to have dry, hot summers that aren’t good for many varieties of turfgrass. That’s why so many property owners turn to lawn irrigation systems to keep their yards looking great. If you’re thinking of adding an irrigation system to your lawn, don’t try to do it yourself. Trust one of the most experienced lawn service companies in our area. Professional Lawn Systems has been keeping our area’s lawns looking great for close to 30 years.

Climate and Soil Experts

Professional Lawn Systems of Rock Hill, SC—”The Irri-gators™”—can give you the lawn you’ve always dreamed of. Since 1989, we’ve served Rock Hill and surrounding areas with a variety of services to keep your yard looking green and lush. We use lawn irrigation systems and drainage systems to help you maintain the proper amount of moisture in your soil. We have extensive experience working in this climate and we know exactly what will and won’t work. We’ll recommend the services and materials (including sodding) that will give you the best chance at having a healthy and beautiful lawn.

Total Lawn Enhancement

Call Professional Lawn Systems today to learn how our services can help your lawn be its very best. Owners Ronnie & Hamp Wallace invites you to see why Professional Lawn Systems is Rock Hill’s choice for expert installation and maintenance on lawn irrigation systems and more. We offer free estimates on irrigation and landscaping within our service area. We’re ready to give you the lawn you’ve always wanted.

Maintain a Healthy Landscape… Affordably

You already know that irrigation can make a huge difference in the way your lawn and landscaping look. However, you may be concerned about the added cost. Beyond the costs of installing your irrigation system, you may use more water each month. How will this affect your water bill if you live in town?

Fortunately, a professionally installed irrigation system doesn’t have to break the bank. We can install a variety of systems at many different price points. You’ll get exactly what you need for the price you can pay. Professional irrigation systems are also targeted at the places you need water the most. You won’t waste water on sidewalks, porches, and driveways. Instead, you’ll have a balanced distribution of water to keep grass, trees, shrubs, and plants looking their best.

How Can You Tell If Your Lawn Is Healthy?

There are three quick ways to tell if your lawn is relatively healthy.

First, take a look at the color. Your grass should be green, although the shade varies by variety. The color should be uniform across your lawn.

Next, take a look at the thickness of your lawn. Are the blades consistently thick? And is the thatch even at ground level?

Finally, step on your lawn and look at how the grass responds. If it bounces back as soon as you remove your foot, your lawn is most likely healthy. If you suspect that your grass is unhealthy, a lawn irrigation system may be the answer.

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