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Don’t try to install an irrigation system yourself. Trust one of the most experienced lawn service companies in our area. Professional Lawn Systems has been keeping our area’s lawns looking great for close to 30 years. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve the lawn and landscaping you’ve always wanted for your home… while conserving water at the same time.

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Professional Lawn Systems of Rock Hill, SC—”The Irri-gators™”—can give you the lawn you’ve always dreamed of. Since 1989, we’ve served Rock Hill and surrounding areas with lawn irrigation systems and drainage systems to help you maintain the proper amount of moisture in your soil. We have extensive experience working in this climate and we know exactly what will and won’t work. We’ll recommend the services and materials to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful lawn.

We are Licensed Professionals

Sprinkler installation and repair should always be performed by a professional to keep your landscape in its best condition. With a custom-designed system and our expert installation, you’ll have a top-notch system made with quality materials and the best workmanship, and it’s all backed by our great customer service. Your lawn will thrive even as you conserve water by irrigating at the right time of the day with a system that optimally covers your landscape. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Benefits of Irrigation

A professionally installed, high quality irrigation system is an investment. So it’s only natural to wonder what sort of return you’ll get on that investment. While you’re thinking about the money you’ll spend, we’ve found that almost all of our clients save once they’ve installed an irrigation system.

The most noticeable thing you’ll save is time. You’ll no longer have to remember to go outside and water your lawn or landscaping. You won’t have to lug hoses and sprinklers around, either. And you might be surprised to learn that professional irrigation saves water, too. Since these systems run on timers, you’ll always be in control of exactly how much water is used. This helps you save money on your water bill. Plus, a healthy lawn means less money spent on seed, fertilizers, or sod.

Water Management

Proper water management can make a world of difference in the health of your lawn. In our service area of Rock Hill, SC, drought is a frequent concern during our hot, dry summers. However, making sure your yard has enough water isn’t the only thing you need to be mindful of. That’s because overwatering is just as harmful to your grass as underwatering.

So how do you strike a balance and get the right amount of water for your lawn to thrive? A professionally-installed irrigation system makes it easy. Our experts will help you determine how much water is needed for your particular type of turfgrass. Once you’re on a schedule, you’ll see the results in your yard—and in your water bill. That’s because managing your irrigation will help you waste less water and money. It’s a win-win for any homeowner!

How Often Should I Water?

Once you’ve installed your irrigation system, there’s a logical question you’ll want answered: How often should you water your lawn?

The answer depends on what type of grass you have. If you’ve had sod installed, you’ll want to water twice a day—or even more if the weather’s extremely hot and dry. After the sod’s had a few weeks to set in, you can reduce the frequency of irrigation.

For yards that are more established, water around five times a week. Of course, that depends on the weather, too. You can always ask the team at Professional Lawn Systems if you aren’t sure what schedule will be best for your lawn.

Signs of Overwatering and Underwatering

Why is it so critical to maintain a proper balance when you’re watering your lawn? If you either overwater or underwater, you’ll soon see signs that leave your yard looking less than beautiful.

If you’ve overwatered, the blades of grass will appear wilted and will feel limp when you touch them. You may also notice a thicker growth of thatch, which requires more frequent mowing. You’ll also notice that your grass doesn’t dry out as quickly as it typically does.

Grass that’s underwatered may also look wilted, but the blades will feel crispy to the touch. The soil underneath will be dry, too. Your lawn won’t grow as fast, either. You’ll also notice that when you walk on your lawn, the grass doesn’t spring back after you step on it.

Conservation Through Irrigation

It’s hard to think of irrigation without thinking of the water that’s being sprayed on your lawn. But irrigation systems are actually one of the best ways to conserve this valuable resource. How is this possible? Irrigating your lawn keeps you from overwatering. If you turn on a sprinkler, you may let it run for longer than needed. Sometimes, you may even forget about it! Irrigation systems are timed, meaning you’re controlling the amount of water used. These systems are also designed to spray just enough water to deliver the results you want. You won’t ever have to worry about turning your yard into a swamp.

Prevent Disease

Did you know that overwatering your lawn doesn’t just make it look bad? It can also make your grass and soil more prone to diseases. These include rot and root rot, moss, powdery mildew, and brown patch lawn disease. Once your turf has developed one of these conditions, it can take time (and money) to get it back to normal. Your best option is to have a healthy lawn that can stand up to disease. Talk to us about a professionally-installed irrigation system. While we’re at it, we’ll tell you exactly how long and how often you should water your lawn. Taking such precautions upfront is the key to having a healthy, green, beautiful lawn.

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