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The team at Professional Lawn Systems is among the most experienced landscape companies in the Rock Hill, SC area. Our service offerings and results are unmatched by our competitors. That’s why we’ve been the choice of so many homeowners and businesses since we opened in 1989.

Here are just a few of the things the team at Professional Lawn Systems can do to create a beautiful lawn and a healthy landscape:

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Lawn Irrigation Systems

Professionally installed lawn irrigation systems will keep your grass green and healthy throughout the southern conditions. We use top-grade equipment from leading manufacturers like Rain Bird, Toro, and Hunter.

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Landscape Lighting Systems

Landscape lighting systems add an instant “wow” factor to any outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to enhance security, highlight a feature of your landscape (like trees or pools), or enhance the atmosphere of an entryway or patio, we can design a complete landscape lighting system that will give you the look you want. We sell and install outdoor lighting from top manufacturers like Vista.

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Sometimes even the best irrigation and drainage won’t save your lawn. Or perhaps you want to get a beautiful new lawn as quickly as possible. In both cases, sodding may be the right choice. We install sod that’s proven to succeed in our climate. You’ll be satisfied with the results you get for years to come.
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Drainage Systems

Just keeping your grass watered isn’t enough. Proper drainage keeps the roots healthy and helps your lawn withstand the changes in seasons. It also can be used to eliminate soggy spots in your yard. The experts at Professional Lawn Systems will evaluate your lawn and determine what type of drainage system will be best for any issues you’re experiencing.

When Should You Call Us?

Installing a top-of-the-line sprinkler system isn’t a DIY job. But there are other times when you should call a professional irrigation company for help. You see, our services don’t just start and stop with your sprinklers. Our work can help you have a lawn that’s all-around healthier. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider calling Professional Lawn Systems:

  • There are signs that your lawn is in poor health: Are areas of your lawn turning brown? Are plants in your landscaped areas dying? This, along with erosion or standing water, could be a sign that your drainage isn’t as good as it could be. Part of the problem could be the sprinklers themselves. The aim could be off (like when you’re watering the sidewalk instead of your yard) or they could be blocked by features in your yard.
  • The water pressure in your sprinklers is too low: Low water pressure can cause big problems for your lawn. Without the proper pressure, your irrigation system can’t reach all the areas it needs to. Look for circular dry areas around one or more of your sprinkler heads. If you suspect a problem, watch to see if the sprinkler heads are fully extended when they pop up. If they aren’t, give us a call to come out and take a look.
  • The water pressure in your sprinklers is too high: Water pressure that’s too high can also cause an issue with your irrigation. If you have busted pipes or nozzles that have blown off, it’s very likely that high pressure is to blame. But there are more subtle symptoms, too. Maybe the water is traveling far beyond where you want it or you’ve noticed a mist when the sprinklers are running. All of these are signs that you should call for service.
  • There are issues with your sprinklers: Leaking valves and heads, clogged heads, and broken rotors are just a few of the problems that can happen with sprinklers. While these concerns can lead to serious problems, others are more of an annoyance—such as a sprinkler head that’s not spraying in the right direction or that’s not properly spaced. The good news is that Professional Lawn Systems can take care of them all.

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